3CX Advanced Support

Advanced 3CX Configuration Guides

SIP and its Related Protocols

SIP messages explained
The main SIP INVITE Header Fields explained
The Session Description Protocol (SDP)-VoIP Part 1
The Session Description Protocol (SDP)-VoIP Part 2
Introduction to DTMF & SIP & RFC 2833
The Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Troubleshooting & Support

Clearing the browser and / or Silverlight cache if you have update or login issues with 3CX MyPhone
How to diagnose problems in applications built with 3CX Voice Application Designer
Collecting Logs and Network Traffic Captures for 3CX Support

Other articles & Guides

How to Install and Configure a TFTP Server
Implementing QoS on a Windows 2008 Server
3CX Phone System and ATOM N270 Processor Benchmarking
Reducing cost with analog phones and an FXS gateway
CallerID Processing with 3CX Phone System – Including Distinctive Ringing Features
Bandwidth Overhead over DSL connections

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